Well. Hello there.

I’m Kelli. A cardigan and road trip fan living my best life in the middle of everything. Or as most people call it, Lincoln, Nebraska.

I’ve been a paper goods enthusiast my whole life. I’ve got cute boxes filled with cards for every occasion from the best makers and designers around. And I’ve talked about starting my own line for at least six years.

My grandmothers loved sending hugs in the mail through the written word. I have a file folder labeled “bright spots” in my office filled with notes and well wishes to find joy in moments that have been joyless. And one time a pal sent me a card with glitter and rainbows because she saw I was pinning some deep shit on Pinterest and thought I needed a pick me up.

All this led me here.

So. Welcome. I am obsessed with every piece of Bright Spots. I have never been happier than when I’m writing, designing and making each card with my own two paws.

Thanks for bopping by my little corner of the web. Bright Spots Paper. A labor of love, handmade with laughter.